Necessary Cookies

Our necessary tracking is anonymous data tracking using Google Analytics and a cookie to store that you have accepted the privacy policy. No other tracking is enabled in this mode.

We do not use re-marketing methods or any of our chat tools. This means if you want chat support you will need to allow the tracking tool. We do not store your IP Address.

Tracking Cookies Method

In this method we use tracking for IP Address and your profile. We may also use Remarketing tracking in Facebook or Google Ads.

Our chat tools of Zoho Sales IQ and Zoho Marketing hub are also used.

Other Items

We use Disqus comments on our blog pages. This may include other trackers and tool as per the Disqus usage terms.

When you load comments be aware that Disqus may track you.

We also use Freemius for our Checkouts and Teachable for some course materials. These are seperate entities and as such we cannot control what they do with your data.

We link to these services but we do not share your data with them in any way.