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Interior Designer Karen Creith approached our team to test a new business idea to reach new customers.

Watch the webinar promo video.

Our team collaborated with interior designer Karen Creith to present a live and interactive webinar. The webinar, “Home Decorating 101”, was the first of its kind (that we know of) in the interior design industry.

Karen, who is already a well-known designer, author and magazine editor, combined with us to launch into the untested area of online education.

The specific goals of the webinar were to:

  1. Gauge whether Karen’s existing clients would be ready for and accepting of online
  2. Test whether Karen could widen her client base and reach – to beyond the local area – through online education
  3. Test different marketing methods
  4. Test the success and of the webinar itself, in terms of its content, the technical aspect and its profitability.

What We Did

We had only 2 weeks to promote and prepare for the webinar, the whole time keeping our eye on the number of regos required to make the event viable.

Our first task was to produce a promo video for our promotional material.

Second, we needed to update Karen’s website with a special landing page where people could find information about the webinar. Also required on the website was a way for people to register and pay online.

Lastly, with the video and website ready, we could begin our marketing campaigns. Karen hit Facebook, while we took care of the website, Youtube and an email marketing campaign.

The End Result

With the required number of registrations achieved, the only thing left was to run the webinar itself. To make things even more fun, we had a live ‘in-store’ audience as well as our ‘online’ audience.

We chose to live stream the webinar via Zoom. Karen presented her topic expertly and engaged her audience well. The online attendees were able to interact with each other and as well as ask Karen questions via the chat window, to which she responded. From a technical side, the software and equipment ran smoothly and did the job. The responses we received from all who attended, both in-store and online, were very positive.

After the event, we also conducted a short survey via Survey Monkey, to gain further feedback. All the attendees also received a video recording of the webinar to play back at their leisure.

All in all, well done to Karen for successfully testing a new idea and challenging the industry which she is into new ways of thinking and doing things!