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We have moved on to other things & in spirit of GPL2 & WordPress ecosystem we have released the source code. We won’t be developing or support this plugin. You are free to use it, fork it and do anything else you want with it.

Unlock Important Content After It Has Been Shared!

Do you need help building organic traffic from social networks? This plugin allows you to lock important content using the Divi Builder.

With the help of our Divi Modules, you can lock any part of your content and automatically unlock it after a visitor has shared your page on their social media network.

Our Divi Modules use the tried-and-tested Social Locker plugin under the hood.

The Social Locker works by locking your most valuable site content behind a set of social buttons until the visitor likes, shares, +1s or tweets your page. It helps to improve social performance of your website, get more likes/shares, build quality followers and attract more traffic from social networks.


  • Makes it easy to lock and unlock content using the Divi Builder!
  • Provides two Divi Modules – one each to start and end the locked content.

This is a must have plugin for anyone looking to organically market their website and build a network of quality followers!

Getting Started Guide

1. Add Social Locker Entry

Add and configure the social locker entry by visiting WordPress Admin > Social Locker > New Locker.

Social Locker Entry
Social Locker Entry

2. Adding the Social Locker Shortcode Divi Modules to a Page

This plugin has two Divi modules which help in identifying the start and end boundary of the social locker.

  • DF – Social Locker Start: This module indicates the start of the social locking content area.
  • DF – Social Locker End: This module indicates the end of the social locking content area.

The screenshot below indicates a sample use of the modules in a page using the Divi Builder.

Social locker shortcodes divi modules
Social Locker Divi Modules

3. Social Locker Start Module

As the name suggests, the Social Locker Start Module indicates the start of the content-locking area. Select a Locker in the ‘Select Locker’ field in the module.

Social Locker Start Divi Module
Social Locker Start Divi Module

4. Social Locker End Module

This module indicates the end of the content-locking area. This module does not need any options to be configured. It does, however, need to be applied to the page, failing which content-locking won’t work.

Social locker end divi module
Social Locker End Divi Module

5. All done – see how it looks!

Once the above setup is done, you will see a locker being rendered on the front end page. Below is a sample screenshot.

Sample social locker divi module page
Sample Social Locker Divi Module Page


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