What is Good Content?

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Elements of Good Content

We are now aware of how important content is for SEO, and how, great content, is the starting point of any SEO strategy.

Elements of Good Content
Elements of Good Content

But what makes up good content?

Here are the main factors that make up a great page.
What makes Good Page Content
What makes Good Page Content
1. Your content should answer what potential clients are searching for.

Great content should be able to answer customer queries and what they are searching for.

2. Create comprehensive and easy to read content

Comprehensive content is well-rounded and covers all the necessary points on a subject matter.

3. Include images and video to engage potential customers

The aim of writing good content is to engage your audience. Adding great images and videos will go a long way in achieving this.

4. Have a great title and introduction

Your headline is one of the most critical elements of your content. It’s what users see in Google when they search about your topic.