Setting up Google Drive for your Files

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Setting Up and Using Google Drive for your Content

Once you have downloaded your checklist template, we recommend Google Drive as your file storage option.

  1. Create a Google Folder: Once you have created your folder, give it a name for identification.
  1. Organise your folders: Within the folder, create other folders that will store your other article files.

We arrange our content folders according to the content creation process.

  1. Ideas: This folder holds any ideas we may come up with for our blogs and articles. The idea may simply be a word, phrase, or sentence at this point.
  2. Drafts: In this folder, we have articles in the first stage of creation. The article may have a draft outline and points, before research.
  3. Research: This folder contains all the research material done about an article.
  4. Writing Content: This folder contains articles in the content writing phase.
  5. Editing: This is where we keep all our articles going through the editing process.
  6. Published: All of our published articles and their content materials, like videos and images, are kept in this folder.
Content folders in Google Drive
Content folders in Google Drive

As we conclude the setup phase, let’s recap what we have covered.

  • We’ve downloaded our checklist template, which will guide us in the content process
  • We’ve recommended the use of Google drive as our file storage system, and how to do this
  • Last but not least, we’ve gone over how to categorise our content writing process in different folders within Google drive


The materials section contains helpful links to some of the tools highlighted in this lesson.