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How to Schedule and Post Social Content

Of all social media platforms, there is one that stands out, and that is Twitter.

Social media in content
Social media in content

Twitter loves links, which is a great SEO element. Unlike some other platforms, Twitter will allow you to share your content links multiple times.

Other important factors to consider
Lifecycle of the content

One aspect to consider is the content lifecycle. You don’t have to share your content once and leave it to age.

Ensure to have your posts shared periodically. You worked hard to create that content, don’t leave it to gather dust in old posts. Refresh it with new updates and repost it. This will have you gathering traffic from posts that are months and years old from just a few tweaks.

Use automation tools

Scheduling your social media content is well worth the effort. It however requires you to use tools that can automate the process.

At MRK, we use Zoho Social to schedule and post our social media content across multiple platforms.

With this tool, you can schedule your posts for months ahead.

Please refer to the lesson materials for documentation on using Zoho Social.