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Measure Load Time

Importance of a fast page
Importance of a fast page

Having great content on your pages is essential. But, if your pages are slow, they will never reflect the effort you have invested in your website. And sadly, it will affect your website ranking since search engines use page speed as a ranking factor.

The most typical mistake people make regarding website speed is focusing on page performance scores. This is a vanity metric.

Your users don’t care about page scores. They care more about the time your page takes to load.  So, it is what you should focus on at this moment. Aim for a page load speed of fewer than 3 seconds.

How to measure page speed

Nobody ever cares when a page loads fast, but users will always notice when your pages are slow. But how do you know your page speed?

Measuring your Load time Speed
Measuring your Load time Speed

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GTmetrix – This tool provides you with different performance metrics based on site speed. These can be analysed and optimised to improve the performance of your site. On the GTmetrix homepage, simply enter your site URL, and click “test your site” to run the test. Find more about how to use GTmetrix from the lesson material.

Page Speed Insights – With this tool, simply paste your URL in and see your website’s page speed insights. What you should focus on is the loading time in seconds. Anything above 3 seconds is considered slow for some users. Learn more about Google’s PageSpeed Insights from the lesson material.

Common causes of slow page loading
  • Poor hosting service
  • Location of server
  • Image sizes
  • A large number of plugins
  • Inadequate caching techniques
  • Bulky site code

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