Improve Writing with Hemingway

How to use Hemingway

Besides structuring and formatting your content, you also need to improve its readability.

Hemingway is a free online tool available as a web and desktop app that improves one’s writing by checking for clarity and readability. 

1. To use the app, navigate to the Hemingway website which opens directly to the editor. Copy and paste your blog post text into the editor. The editing tool will analyze your text and provide feedback on readability, sentence structure, and word choice.

Hemingway app text analysis
Hemingway app text analysis

The different suggestions will also appear according to the color on the right-hand side, including the number of times they appear in your article. Edit your text according to Hemingway’s suggestions such that it is clear and readable.

2. Looking at our final draft below, you will realize that we addressed the issues suggested by Hemingway. Hence, the overall readability grade has come down to 6, which is considered good, and the number of suggestions is zero for each color.

Hemingway edit results
Hemingway edit results

Hemingway also highlights the approximate reading time of your article, the total number of words, and other word counts.

Improve your article by addressing all of Hemingway’s suggestions.


The materials section contains helpful links to some of the tools highlighted in this lesson.