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The Right Web Host

Having the right hosting platform is one of the most important aspects of any web page. The right host should be fast, secure, stable, and with good support.

There is no sense in having free hosting for your site but experiencing terrible page load speeds, poor support, etc. You’ll get your money’s worth investing in a premium hosting service, one that knows WordPress.

Our recommendations for good web hosting providers
Managed WordPress web host providers
Managed WordPress web host providers


At MRK, our hosting provider of choice is WP-Engine. This is a managed WordPress hosting platform. In other words, it is a service that comes with multiple features and support, enabling sites to run efficiently, securely, and at high load speeds, saving time, technical workforce expense, and much better site performance.

Here is our recent review on WP Engine.


Kinsta is another managed WordPress hosting provider. It runs on Google cloud servers, making it exceptionally fast with built-in redundancy.

Kinsta has a variety of package plans that one can choose from, as seen on the official website.