Building your FAQ with Google’s “People Also Ask” Box

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Checking Semrush Questions in Google

We used Semrush in the previous section to derive a list of questions for the FAQ section of our article. In this lesson, we shall also look for more questions to add to our list of FAQs.

We will refer to the People Also Ask (PAA) box to capture extra data. PAA is the easiest and most common way to generate FAQs in Google. It is part of the search results returned to users on the search engine results page (SERP).

PAA contains the most commonly asked questions and their answers. Plus, a link to the full article of each featured question.

How to use Google’s People Also Ask box.

We are trying to find more questions related to what we have. From our list of questions gathered in the Semrush research, let’s use one as a demonstration for this section.

What are the benefits of performing an SEO audit?” will be our search query.

  1. Navigate to the Google search
  2. Enter your Keyword phrase question in the search field.
  3. On the results page, Scroll down to the People Also Ask (PAA) section. Different questions are displayed based on your search phrase
  4. Click on the drop-down arrow for more info on each question. Clicking on each arrow not only opens the snippet view of that question but also increases the number of PAA results.
Questions in Google People Also Ask box
Questions in Google People Also Ask box

At this point, we have several questions to help build our article’s FAQ section, let’s document them in the next topic.


The materials section contains helpful links to some of the tools highlighted in this lesson.