WP Engine Users Page

This section provides information related to users associated with the WP Engine account.

It provides the list of users with access to the account and the technical contacts list. This section also shows all the user account activity on the WP Engine portal.

The Users section has three submenus items.

  1. Account Users
  2. Technical Contacts
  3. Account Activity
Users menu items
Users section on the User Portal

Account Users

This page displays users accessing sites hosted on your WP Engine account.

The list shows the roles of each user. These roles are;

  1. Owners
  2. Full (with billing)
  3. Full (no billing)
  4. Partial (with billing)
  5. Partial (no billing)

Read this article on WP Engine User Portal Roles to further understand the roles above.

We also have the “Environment access” column, which specifies the number of environments a user can access. Users can either have access to all or some site environments.

WP Engine Account users
Account users table

Technical Contacts

This page reveals a list of environments and their associated technical contacts.

Technical contacts are persons they reach out to in case of any technical issues.

The technical contact table shows the following details. The site environment to which the contact person is attached. Their name, email and phone number.

The technical contact person could also be the account owner. The agency’s WordPress developer or web administrator could also play this role.

WP Engine technical contacts table
Technical contacts table

PS: Only account owners can edit Technical contacts.

Account Activity Page

This page conveys information related to any activity within the User Portal. For each given activity. It specifies the user that initiated the action. The environment in which the activity took place. Description of the activity description and the Time in (UTC) the activity occurred.

WP Engine account activity
Account activity table