Tools Page

This section provides access to the various tools offered by WP Engine. Some of these include;

  1. Themes
  2. Local
  3. Global Edge Security
  4. Page Performance
  5. Smart Plugin Manager
  6. Genesis Pro
  7. eCommerce Solution
Tools menu item WP Engine
Tools section on the user Portal


This section provides a list of the themes offered by WP Engine. In addition, it gives a quick install method for installing any of the listed themes on any site environment.

WP Engine themes
Themes offered by WP Engine


Display summary information about Local software. It also provides a download button for you to get the Local software.

WP Engine Local tool
WP Local tool by WP Engine

Global Edge Security (GES)

On this page, you can configure the Global Edge Security features.
Global Edge Security is an addon service provided by WP Engine that comes with the following.

  • Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Advanced DDOS Mitigation.
  • Cloudflare CDN.
  • Automatic SSL Installation.
Global Edge Security tool
WP Engine’s Global Engine Security

All these features improve your website’s security.

Page Performance

The Page Performance tools allow you to test the performance of a page on your website. You can test the page performance with or without browser caching.

WP Engine page performance tool
Page performance tool

After conducting a page performance test, WP Engine provides a list of recommendations for you to improve your page speeds.

Smart Plugin Manager (SPM)

This plugin manages automatic updates for plugins and themes on your websites.

The Smart Plugin Manager Environments page displays the site environments with this plugin installed.

Smart Plugin Manager by WP Engine
Smart Plugin manager automatically updates sites

We will look at the Smart Plugin Manager plugin later in this course.

Genesis Pro

This tool displays all Genesis Pro tools with your WP Engine hosting plan.

Genesis Pro WP Engine
Genesis Pro tools

eCommerce Solution

This section provides an overview of the features and tools in WP Engine’s eCommerce plan.

WP Engine eCommerce solutions
eCommerce solutions offered by WP Engine


You may not see some of these tools on the User Portal if your WP Engine Plan does not come with some of these add-ons.