Testing the website after the Update

Testing the website after the Update.

You need to test the website’s general functionality after each update. This ensures that nothing on the site is broken after that given update.

There are a couple of test cases you could establish for your sites. These are;

  • Checking out the main pages of the site for any visual changes this page could be;
    • Home page
    • About Us page
    • Contact Us page
    • Blog page
    • For the eCommerce site sample the following pages;
      • Shop page
      • Product category page
      • Single product page
      • Cart page
      • Checkout page
      • My Account page and any other pages
  • You could go throw the site visitor’s workflow process. This ensures you walk through their experience to ensure the site is functioning as it should be. It would be best if you did this while comparing the testing environment site to production.
  • In other cases, you to test the functionality of the updated item to ensure it’s working well after the update. For instance;
    • If you have updated the site’s current theme, test if the theme customiser opens and works like expected.
    • If you have updated the Smush Image optimiser plugin, upload an image and see if it gets compressed as expected
    • You should test the plugin’s functionality to see if it works like the one on production that is not yet updated.


When testing the updates in the testing environment, ensure to have the production environment open in another tab. This helps you to compare if there are any visual or process changes after an update.