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Search Intent

Steps in Topic Research

1. Identify the topic of interest

The very first thing to do in this lesson is to identify a topic to write about. For the sake of this course, we will create an article relevant to our audience at MRK WP.

One of the services we provide as a company is search engine optimisation. We, therefore, identified “SEO Audit” as our topic of interest.

2. Understand the Search Intent

Now that we have a topic of interest, let’s embark on the research, starting with the intent. Search intent is the purpose or reason why a person types a query or keyword in an online search. Understanding it enables you to create content that people are actually searching for, and as such effectively target potential customers.

The most common search intent is known as informational search. This is where people search to learn more about a specific thing. Users will often phrase search intent questions using the words; Who, What, Where, Why, and How.

Search intent with Semrush Keyword Magic tool

  1. Go to the Semrush website. On the left-hand menu, click the “SEO” tab. Scroll down and click the “Keyword Magic Tool” tab.
  2. In the search field enter your topic keyword. Then click “Search.”
Search intent in Semrush
Search intent in Semrush
  1. On the results page, go to the “Intent” tab and check the relevant category. The keyword results generated, are all the search queries and keywords that you can target and use in your article.
Using the Intent filter
Using the Intent filter

After going through the steps above, you now know a little bit more about your targeted audience:

  • Who they are
  • What they want, seek, like
  • What and how to write for them

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