Pushing Files from Local to WP Engine

How to Push Files from Local to WP Engine

We usually make changes to our custom plugins and theme during site maintenance. These changes are generally done in the local site’s environment. After testing and trying out the changes in the local environment, we push them to the WP Engine server.

To push files to your WP Engine site, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Site Overview page.

Launch the Local application on your computer. Select the Local site you would like to push files to on the server.

Go to the bottom right corner and click the “Push” icon.

2. Fill in the Push Form

At this step;

  • Select the environment you would like to push files.
  • Select the files you would like to push/upload.

Local has a feature called Magic Sync. This feature detects file changes between your site on Local and the selected site environment on WP Engine. With Magic Sync, you can view two types of files before pushing them to the server. To do this;

  • Click on the Push drop-down,
    • You can choose to display either
      • Only newer files or
      • All modified files
    • Select the individual files to push by using the checkboxes.

3. Push the files to WP Engine

Click the Push To WP Engine to have the files pushed to the server.


Ensure to create a backup of the site environment before pushing the files. WP Local usually triggers this backup on your Engine automatically. To be extra cautious, create a manual backup point before pushing the files to the server.

The site uploading process will start.

At completion, you will see a notification at the top of the page informing you the files have been pushed to the server.

Notification confirming site has been pulled down


Here are some of the links to extra resources and documentation on how to push files from Local to WP Engine.