Pulling down a WP Engine Site to Local

After connecting Local to your WP Engine, you will have access to all your WP Engine sites on your Local.

To pull down a site, you can follow the following steps.

1. Go to the Connect Tab in your Local

Launch the Local application on your computer. Click on the “Connect” tab to open the Connect page.

You will see a list of all your WP Engine sites on this page.

WP Local connect icon
Click on the Connect icon

2. Select the website to pull down

Look through the listed sites and select the site you would like to pull down to local.

Then, click the “Pull To Local” button.

Pull to Local button
Click the “Pull To Local” button

3. Fill in the Form

On this form;

  1. Fill in the Name of the local site.
    • Usually has the site name auto-filled by default.
    • You can choose to give the Local site instance a different name.
  2. Select the site environment to pull down.
    • The dropdown of environments is dependent on the environments associated with the selected site via your WP Engine Portal. Suppose the site has two environments on WP Engine. Local will provide you with only two environment options to pull down.
    • You can pull down any site environment that is Production, staging or development.
Site environment drop down
Select site environment to pull down

This form also provides advanced options. They let you set some configurations before pulling down a site. These are;

  • Adding the Local Site domain
  • Setting the Local Site Path file location on your computer

You can leave these fields with their default values.

WP Local pull site advanced options
Advanced options can be left with their default values

4. Connect and Pull

After filling in the form, click the “Connect and Pull Site” button to start the site pulling process.

WP Local connect and pull site final step
Click “Connect and Pull Site”
Local WP site pulling process
Site being pulled down to Local

The local overview page will appear when the site has been completely pulled down.

Site that has been pulled to Local
Overview of the site after pulling it down


Here are some links to extra resources and documentation on pulling a site from WP Engine to Local.