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Documenting your findings – Topic research

Documenting your findings and checking off completion

An essential part of the research process is to document your findings. This way, you can always refer back to your research documentation to analyse your findings further.

You also need to track your progress by checking off completed sections in the blog checklist template.

1. Create a Google Document for your research

Open your research folder in Google Drive. Create a Google doc within this folder, in which to save files to your search results and other relevant research. Remember to have your folders organised as we learned in this lesson.

Documenting Topic research findings in Google Folder
Documenting Topic research findings in Google Folder

2. Check off completion of Topic Research

In the checklist template, check the box relating to this topic as “Yes.” Add remarks or notes summarising what’s been covered.

Marking Topic Research complete
Marking Topic Research complete

Document any other relevant information helpful in creating your blog article.

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