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Creating a Blog Outline

Steps to creating a blog post outline

A blog outline or content outline is a layout or plan of your article. It shows the structure of your headings and different points to be included in your content.

Here are the steps to create your outline in Jasper AI:

  1. Create an account with Jasper Ai. In the dashboard, go to the left-hand menu and click on “Templates”
  2. In the templates window, search for the “Blog Post Outline” template, and click on it.
Creating a blog outline in Jasper AI
Creating a blog outline in Jasper AI
  1. In the “Blog Post Outline window that opens up, enter your blog title in the field below the “Blog post title/topic.” Then enter the tone of voice you would like to use. Some examples are; professional, witty, angry, casual, or formal.
  2. Click the “Generate AI Output” button below for the results.
Jasper AI outline input
Jasper AI outline input
  1. In the output results, pick whichever outline is suitable, and click the “Copy to clipboard” button right above each outline, to save it into your Google folder as a document.

Now that we have an outline, we can expand it in the next lesson.

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