Create a Backup Point before an Update

Create a Backup point before doing an update

When doing site updates, you need to create backup points before updating an item on the site. These backup points enable us to restore the site to a given point. That is, in cases where we run a given update which ends up breaking the site. You, therefore, need to take backups at every point and not a general backup pre and post the update process.

In the steps below, we will learn how to create backups.

  • Switch to the environment on which you are going to test the updates. This is the environment you have just cloned the production site to.
Site environment drop down selection
Select the environment to backup
  • Go to Backup points.
Creating a backup process in WP Engine
Go to Back points Page
  • On the Backup points page, go to create a backup.
  • A pop-up will appear. Fill in the create backup form. Submit the following details;
    • Backup description, for example, Pre – Yoast Plugin Update. The backup description should be understandable to anyone.
    • Email to send a notification when the backup point has been created. If you need to notify several emails. Add these while separating them using commas if you need to notify several emails.
  • When done, click ‘Create Backup’ to start the backup process.
Create a Backup button
Click “Create a Backup”
  • WP Engine will send an automated email notification to the email(s) submitted above once the backup has been created. You also refresh the Backup points page to see the latest back that has been created.