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Optimise for SEO with Yoast

How to Optimise your Blog Post for SEO

The Yoast SEO content analysis checks whether your posts or web pages are optimised for SEO and easy to read.

Let’s jump right in to learn more about how it works. We shall be focusing more on the SEO and Readability analysis.

SEO Analysis

The first thing to do to get an SEO analysis is to enter your focus keyphrase or target keyword for your post.

Now click on “SEO Analysis” to see the analysis results. The results will include problems you need to address, improvements that need to be done, and good results that have been achieved so far.

Address all these highlighted problems and improvements till they show green bullets. Green is a high score which also means your post has a good chance of ranking high in search engines.

Yoast SEO analysis results
Yoast SEO analysis results

Please find more information on how to use Yoast SEO content analysis.

Readability analysis

After setting your focus keyphrase, check your content for readability. The readability analysis makes suggestions for making your content easy to read. Text that is easy to read sparks interest in your audience, making them stay longer on your site.

The readability analysis has many features that make recommendations for your article. Like in the SEO analysis, you should implement these recommendations based on your score.

Here are the features of the readability analysis;

  • Transition words
  • Flesch reading ease
  • Passive voice
  • Subheading distribution
  • Paragraph length
  • Sentence length
Readability analysis in Yoast
Readability analysis in Yoast

To learn more about the Yoast SEO plugin’s readability analysis, read this documentation from the Yoast team.


  • If you get an orange or red bullet, click on the eye icon beside each recommendation. This will instantly highlight the result in the text within your article.
  • Besides each Yoast recommendation, you can also find feedback that contains links to more information about that specific recommendation.

Other Yoast SEO tools

Google preview

You can also get a live preview of your post on Google in Yoast. This displays a snippet of what your blog post will look like on search engines. You can read thisĀ Yoast document to understand how the Google preview feature works.

Social preview

You can find this feature under the Yoast SEO meta box or in the sidebar if you are using the WordPress block editor. 

The Social preview feature, available only in Yoast premium, allows you to get a snippet of what your blog post will look like on social media.  

Cornerstone content

Cornerstone content describes the most important posts or pages on your website that serve as focal points for your site visitors. The Yoast SEO plugin has a toggle button in the “cornerstone content” section that you can turn on to notify Yoast that this is content you consider a high priority.

Here’s a document that gives a detailed understanding of the cornerstone content strategy.

Take a look at these other links for more information.