Check Website Status

Check whether the site has any work in Progress.

After identifying the site that requires updates, you must confirm whether it has any “Work In Progress” in a given environment. The main reason behind this check is for us to avoid rolling out updates on the Production yet the developers are working on a later version of the site in other environments.

At MRK, we keep track of sites that have “Work In Progress” by adding notes or fields on their current status. That is, inside the Zoho CRM-managed website record.

Zoho CRM field
A website that has No Work In Progress

Here, we also ensure to take note of the environment in which the Work is being done. Again, this prevents anyone from overriding the “Work In Progress” in that environment.

Website Work in progress status options
Work In Progress status dropdown

To carry out site updates, we should ensure that the site has no “Work In Progress”.

At times, the client may take some good time to approve the Work In Progress on staging, yet the site urgently needs updates. In this case, we recommend you use another environment such as development. To roll out and test the updates before rolling them out on the live environment.