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Building your FAQ with Semrush

Getting Question ideas using Semrush Topic Research

With the Semrush Topic research tool, you are able to get the relevant questions relating to your topic idea. These questions will help build a rich and informative FAQ section for your article and also give you an understanding of the most common questions asked by your potential audience.

How to Use the Topic Research Tool for Questions

1. Login: Go to the Semrush website, and navigate to the dashboard.

2. On the left menu tab, scroll to Content marketing and click to find “Topic Research.”

3. Topic Research: Click on the Topic research tab. Enter your topic keyword. Select your location and finally click “Get content ideas.”

Topic Research Card results
Topic Research Card results

Data results, based on your topic will appear, arranged as cards showing topics and trending headlines and articles. 

In each of the cards, you will find questions. On the right-hand side of an opened card, you can see all the questions listed.

Questions in Topic Research cards
Questions in Topic Research cards

Save any questions you want to use in your FAQ. Add them to your favourites list, which you can download for later reference in your Google drive.

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