Activating the Plugin on the Site

Plugin Activation

Launch the Local site and go to your WP Admin dashboard.

Navigate to plugins and activate the Core Functions Plugin.

How to activate the Core Functions plugin
Activate the Core Functions Plugin


We made some corrections during the first activation test in the video tutorial. We changed the version number from 1.0.5 to 1.0.0 because this was the first version of the plugin we had created. Version 1.0.5 doesn’t make sense at this point.


Another error we encountered was the redeclaration of the activate_plugin function. This function name is already declared in the plugin.php core files of WordPress.

We changed function names for the activate and deactivate methods in  domain-core.php. This name change avoids conflict with the function names in plugin.php. This is inside the app\public\wp-admin\includes directory.

Thus, we changed the duplicated function names to activate_domain_core and deactivate_domain_core.


You will not encounter these errors when you activate the plugin. We have already fixed the above bugs in the code via GitHub. So, you do not need to make further changes to the code you pulled from the repository.

In the tutorial, you will notice that the plugin is activated, but we have a warning. The warning shows up because the public static function register_services inside Init.php that is meant to register services has no classes to register.

A PHP warning message displayed after activating the Core Functions Plugin
PHP warning after Activating the Plugin

We are yet to add the ReusableBlocks class in the get_services function. This class is passed onto the register_services method where it is then registered. This is what we will cover in the next step of the course.