Manual Site Updates

Smart Plugin Manager may not manage all site updates. Other updates such as WordPress core need a manual updating process.

These updates are essential for your site’s functionality and security.

Other website types that need manual updates include eCommerce sites and directory sites. Membership sites and other sites with ever-changing data also fall into this category. They all need keen observation during the plugin updating process.

We recommend you first roll out updates on the staging or development environment. Then, have these tested and roll them to the production environment.

This also caters for cases that the Smart Plugin manager could have missed. Such as any visual changes or errors to the site that only an eye observation can flag.

In this lesson, we will look at the steps of rolling out site updates manually on your site. These are;

  1. Select Website to Update
  2. Check Website Work Status
  3. Clone Production to Another Environment
  4. Create a Backup Point before an Update
  5. Update Site item.
  6. Testing the site after the Update
  7. Overall Site Testing
  8. Roll out Updates To Production
  9. Clear Website Cache
  10. Create a Note on the Updates