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Enable Social Media

Simply put, Social media is any digital tool that enables users to create and share their content with the public. In this topic, we shall look at how you can create social media previews for your article.

How to create social media previews

Social media previews are snippets of what your article’s image, title, and description will look like when you post it on a social media platform.

To create social media previews for your posts in WordPress, we use the “Social Preview” feature in Yoast.

  1. With the Yoast SEO plugin installed on your site, go to the WordPress block editor for your article.
  2. To access the “Social Preview” feature, scroll down the page in the editor to reach the Yoast meta box. Click on the “Social“ tab.
  3. A preview of your post will display. Click on the different fields to create custom images, titles, and descriptions.
To set a custom image, title and description, follow these steps.
  • First, click “Select image” under either the Facebook or Twitter preview sections. This action will take you to the WordPress media library. Select your image.
  • Next, enter the title name in the title field.
  • Enter the post description in the description field. Click the “Update” button in the top right of the page to save your input.
Social preview feature in Yoast Metabox
Social preview feature in Yoast Metabox

You can follow the same steps in the Yoast sidebar on the right side of the editor. Go to the Yoast settings and scroll down the page to find “Facebook preview” and “Twitter preview.”


If you do not set a custom post image, title, and description for the social media previews, the Yoast Plugin will automatically set them using smart defaults from your post’s meta data.

How to use social media share buttons

A social media share button allows people to share your content with others on social media. Social media share buttons normally appear at the bottom of a post or page as icons.

Social media share buttons
Social media share buttons

Here is one way to add social media share buttons on your page using WordPress blocks.

To share your post using any of the social share buttons, simply click on any of the buttons. Once the social page opens up, add a description, then share it on your platform.

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