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Migration steps for Restaurant Menu Plugin

Before you Begin

Before starting a plugin upgrade it is recommended to make a backup of your WordPress site. Sometimes weird stuff happens. We have tested this to the best of our ability and the procedure works in all our test cases.

In July 2019 we changed our name from Divi Framework to MRK WP.

As part of the migration we moved all our plugins to Freemius and for free items, WordPress.org.

We now have a more optimised website. As a result, we have a better setup of plugin delivery and better support for our customers. However it also caused some of our plugins to need a reinstall. This was due to the plugin “slug name” having to be changed to fit the WordPress.org requirements or Freemius requirements.

The old billing system directly used PayPal and Stripe. The new website uses the Freemius Platform. All Members will have to migrate from WooCommerce to Freemius. This is a manual process.

What does this process show me?

In this How to document we will show you how to migrate Divi Framework’s Restaurant menu plugin to a new License with MRK WP’s Restaurant menu plugin.

How to migrate

First of all you should have a coupon code. We sent coupons to all our users migrate their existing membership over to Freemius. Before you start make sure you have that.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

In this process we upload the new Restaurant Menu Plugin for Divi to your WordPress Dashboard.
To begin please make sure you have already migrated your membership plan.

  1. Download Restaurant Menu Plugin for Divi

    Login to your Freemius Account.

    Download the Restaurant Menu for Divi . A file df-menu-items-premium-latest.zip will be downloaded.
    MRKWP Resturant Menu plugin download

  2. Install and activate the downloaded plugin.

    Login to your website’s WordPress Admin area. You should see Divi Framework’s Restaurant Menu plugin installed.
    diviframework restaurant menu plugin

    Install and activate the df-menu-items-premium-latest.zip plugin.

    You will be redirected to the activation screen.

    Note: The DF Restaurant Menu plugin from Divi Framework will be automatically disabled.

  3. Enter the license key for the new plugin.

    Once activated, you will be redirected to MRK WP > Divi Restaurant Menu.

    Enter the license key and click Agree & Activate License.

    License key can be found in your freemius account.

    MRK WP restaurant menu licensing.

  4. Delete the Divi Framework Hub

    The Authentication tool you required for Divi Framework is no longer required. Please deactivate and delete this plugin.
    Deactivate Diviframework hub

Restaurant Menu Plugin for Divi

Restaurant Menu Plugin

Easy menu management for your restaurant with Structured Data and great SEO support. 
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