Annual Plan Migration

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In July 2019 we changed our name from Divi Framework to MRK WP.

At the same time we moved our membership billing system to Freemius.

This means if your an existing customer for our Hospitality Plan, Popover Plan, Annual Plan or Lifetime Plan you will need to go through a migration process.

This process is relatively simple. On top of that, its a win for you as a business owner because you get a full year of access regardless of when you joined up with us.

Before you start

Before starting this process make sure you have your coupon code for your relevant plan. This code will grant you your access for the year ahead.

if you are a lifetime member the same process can be used. Just make sure you use the code on the lifetime product.

It is also important that before you start replacing plugins you make a backup of the WordPress site you are working on or use a staging environment. If your host does not provide a staging environment, Id recommend one that does. Kinsta is my personal choice and I find them to be amazing.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to migrate your plan from Divi Framework to MRK WP and Freemius.

  1. Go to the Annual Membership Page

    Firstly you need to go to our membership page on the website.

    Once here select your relevant plan ether annual unlimited or lifetime unlimited.

  2. Complete Freemius Checkout

    You now need to complete the freemius checkout.

    Add in the code you were sent by click on the promotional code.

    Freemius Checkout with Coupon

    This will set your checkout to have a $0.00 amount and lets you checkout with the need for credit card data.

    Add in the same email you used for Divi Framework as we will check this against our records for fraudulent claims.

    If you want to change your email address please submit a support ticket.

  3. Login to Freemius

    You can now login to Freemius and begin upgrading your products.

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