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Image Triggered Popover


The Image Triggered Popover triggers a popover on click on an image. It is based on Divi’s Image module. Hence the you will find field settings like those on the Image module with few expections

Module Fields

Content Tab

This tab handles the content-related fields.

It has 3 sections

  • Image : Here you upload or set the image url.
  • Popover: Here you select the popover from the dropbox list.
  • Background: This section is not used for this module.

Design Tab

This tab handles the style-related field for the popover.

It has the following sections:

  • Alignment: Select the image alignment options here.
  • Popover: Set the content width and padding here.
  • Close Button: Set the button font color and size here.
  • Sizing: Set the image sizing here.
  • Spacing: Set the image margin and padding values here.
  • Border: Set the image border here.
  • Box Shadow: Set the box shadow here.
  • Animation: Set the image animation here.

Advanced Tab

This tab handles

  • Assigning of css selectors.
  • Custom css
  • Assigning visibility on various widths (responsive).
  • Setting of image attributes.


  • Popover Main CSS Class: This is the css class selector value for the popovers main element.
  • Link/Achor ID: A unique value for the image link. If you have more than on popover on the page, kindly ensure this value is unique.
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