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Exit Intent Popover

Exit Intent Popovers with Divi Builder and MRK WP
Exit Intent Popovers with Divi Builder and MRK WP

Introduction to the Exit Intent Popover method

The Exit Intent Popover Module triggers a popover on when the user is intenting to abandon the page.

A javascript code monitors user activity. It tracks for the user’s exit intent – that is when he/she is looking to move the mouse cursor away from the page. This happens when the user is wants to close the browser window/tab or switch over to some other tab.

Module Fields

Content Tab

This tab handles the content-related fields.

It has the following sections

  • Popover: Here you select the popover from the dropbox list.
  • Exit Intent Options : Set various parameters used to calculate the users exit intent.
    • Unique ID: A unique ID. Used to identify the unique popover.
    • Show on every page load: Enable to show the popover on every page view. Disable to show only on the user’s first.
    • Max Displays Per Session: The maximum number of times to show the popover on a page, or 0 for unlimited. Only applicable on desktop browsers.
    • Min trigger Distance: Minimum distance in pixels from the top of the page to consider triggering the popover.
    • Check Referer: Enable to check the page referer. Check whether it’s on the same domain and this isn’t the first pageview.

Design Tab

This tab handles the style-related field for the popover.

It has the following sections:

  • Popover: Set the content width and padding here.
  • Close Button: Set the button font color and size here.
  • Box Shadown: This section is not used by this module
  • Animation: This section is not used by this module

Advanced Tab

This tab handles

  • Assigning of css selectors.
  • Custom css
  • Assigning visibility on various widths (responsive).


  • Popover Main CSS Class: This is the css class selector value for the popovers main element.
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