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Business Directory Map - Divi Module


The Business Directory Plugin adds a DF – Business Directory Map divi module.

It renders the location listings on google maps, a business directory on google maps. This module auto-sets the map bounds to contain all the locations. Style your google maps using one of the supplied google maps themes. This module allows for proximity search, where users can search for a location within a radius of the entered location.

For the proximity search to work, please ensure the Google Maps API Keys are setup correctly. Here is an article on setting up Google Maps API Key

Geo Fields Options

Note: The Initial Latitude, Initial Longitude and Initial Zoom are no longer available in the latest version of the module. They have been depreciated. Google maps auto-caculates these values now.

As per the figure above,

  • Initial Latitude: The initial latitude when the map loads initially
  • Initial Longitude: The initial longitude when the map loads initially.
  • Initial Zoom: The initial zoom level when the map loads initially.
  • Google Maps Height: Heights in pixels for the map.

Proximity Search And Map Style Options

As per the figure above,

  • Distance Unit: Select from an option of ‘Kilometer’ and ‘Miles’. This will be used in the radius search.
  • Distance Options: A comma separate value of positive integers. This will be use as the distance unit dropdrown input values on google maps.
  • Map Theme: A set of pre-defined map themes used to style the map.
Business Directory Plugin for Divi

Business Directory Plugin

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