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Breadcrumb Module – Shortcodes

What is a short code?

A short code is like a HTML tag but is used in WordPress. It helps you do nifty things without needing to do much work on your part.

A gravity form insert is basically a short code.

Short codes are a great tool for WordPress.

Where can I use a short code?

In the Divi Theme you can place a short code in just about any text area. They will be rendered out and complete the functionality that is set within the short code.

Note: Be careful. Sometimes a short code can have unexpected results.

The Breadcrumb Module short code

The breadcrumb module short code is “yoast-breadcrumb-df”.

You can copy the snippet from this GIST.

Placing this is square brackets will give you a breadcrumb output in any text area.

This means you do not need to use the whole breadcrumb header.

The short code has no attributes. All it does is output a breadcrumb path into a text area.

Breadcrumb Header for Divi Builder

Breadcrumb Module

Adds a new clean header with breadcrumbs powered by the Yoast SEO plugin. 
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