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Breadcrumb Module - Getting Started


You will need to have installed on your site:

  1. Divi Builder or Divi Theme
  2. Breadcrumbs Module from M R K WP
  3. Yoast SEO Free or Premium

Once these are installed you are ready to get started.

Basic Installation and Setup

These documents cover the basic installation and setup of the Breadcrumb Module

Using Shortcodes and CSS with Divi Breadcrumbs and Yoast SEO

At some point the Divi Builder will come up short with a design you want to implement. Ihave found this a number of times so we added some CSS and Shortcode tools to the Breadcrumb Module.

This means you can put a breadcrumb path anywhere using a shortcode. You can also style your Header using CSS styles.

In the these documents we cover each of these tools and how you can use them.

Using Advanced Features in your Breadcrumb Header

Sometime we want to use design patterns in our Breadcrumb Headers. This can save a lot of time. Things like setting a background from a dynamic field means you can use global layouts.

We have 2 types of setups that we have used in the past. Advanced Custom Fields as a background or label and the use of featured images in your header.

These documents cover these methods with the Breadcrumb Module.

Editing your Breadcrumb Display

When it comes to Yoast custom functions for breadcrumbs, documentation are the internet is not great. I found often I was looking for code and couldn’t find it.

In these documents we go over the implementations I have used to customise my breadcrumb paths.

Learndash and Custom Post types are covered but you could in theory do anything once you are aware of what is needed.

To read these documents is a good idea to know how to edit a child theme and functions files in WordPress.

Breadcrumb Header for Divi Builder

Breadcrumb Module

Adds a new clean header with breadcrumbs powered by the Yoast SEO plugin. 
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