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Add New Business Location - A Custom Post Type


The Business Directory plugin creates a post type called “Business Location” which is used to capture address and business details.

Create New Business Location.

Goto to WordPress Admin > Business Locations > Add New . This form will capture the location details.

Business Address Details.

This part of the form captures the address details of the location. The Address tab in the Business Location widget is where the fields are location.

  • Address Line 1: First line of the address. Usually is the house/plot number and the road. This is required field.
  • Address Line 2: Second line of the address field. It is optional.
  • Suburb: The suburb details of the address.
  • Postcode: Postcode/zipcode of the address.
  • Formatted Address: Enter the complete address in the input box and press the search button at the end of the input box. If a way point shows up on the map, your address is geocode. This is important as the location will only show up on the map if its address is geocoded.

Business Details

This part of the form captures the business details. Fields include
* Name: Name of the business.
* Phone: Phone of the business.
* Website: Website of the business.

Business Directory Plugin for Divi

Business Directory Plugin

Manage business listings like stores, offices, partners, stockists with Google Maps and WordPress 
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