Video Toolkit for Divi Builder

Video Toolkit for Divi Builder
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Video Toolkit Module & Plugin

Manage all your videos in a single post type with Divi modules and triggers for on page placement. 
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Getting the most out of Video on your Divi Theme Website.

We found the normal Divi Theme to be great for video but the exact effects we wanted required custom code.

Using the Divi Framework Video Toolkit means you no longer need to use custom code to make your videos display the way you want.

In this documentation we cover how to use this powerful Plugin in your Divi Powered Websites.

You will be able to make easy to maintain video listings that are optimised for speed and incorporate the autoplay options you desire.

Using the Video Toolkit

You have many ways to trigger a video to load in an overlay using the Video Toolkit.

Anything from a link to an image or exit intent can be used.

With the video toolkit you can make just about anything be a video trigger.

You will be shown each trigger type with step by step instructions