Custom Post Builder

Custom Post Builder Plugin for Divi
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Custom Post Builder Plugin

Use the power of Divi with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to create single page templates. 
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Please note this is now a deprecated plugin.

Everything in WordPress is based on Post Types. Post types are essential to custom development.

Advanced Custom Fields

ACF Pro is a very popular tool for WordPress because it allows you to add custom fields to a post type.

Custom Post Type Builder

Our Divi Plugin allows you to assign layouts to your post types. This is am amazing way to combine post types, custom fields and the Divi Builder.

Our Custom Post Type Builder also enables you to use advanced custom fields in your post type layouts using Divi Builder.

In these documents we cover using the Custom Post Builder and ACF in some unique ways for your new WordPress site using Divi Theme.

Theses documents will show you:

  • How you can use Custom Post Types
  • Using Custom Post Types with Divi Builder or Divi Theme.
  • Using Advanced Custom Fields with Custom Post Types
  • Using the Custom Post Builder tool with ACF Pro
  • Powerful ways to extend your Divi Websites using Custom Post Types.