Breadcrumbs and Divi Theme

Breadcrumb Header for Divi Builder
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Breadcrumb Module

Adds a new clean header with breadcrumbs powered by the Yoast SEO plugin. 
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Using the Breadcrumb Module

In this documentation we go over a series of Guides on how to use the Breadcrumb Module on your website. This documentation is designed for someone who knows how to use Divi Builder and has decided to use the Divi Breadcrumb Module from M R K WP.

The documents are broken into a series of topics:

  • Installation Guide
  • Getting Started
    • Configuration
    • Theme Customiser
    • Layout Options
    • Managing Titles
    • Module Options
  • Using Shortcodes & CSS
    • Shortcodes
    • CSS Tutorial
    • Padding Options
  • Advanced Features
    • Featured Image as Background
    • ACF Field as Background
  • Custom Functions & Yoast Breadcrumbs
    • Breadcrumb Learndash Snippet

Once you have completed reading this documentation you will be able to make great headers with Breadcrumbs on your Divi Themed WordPress site.