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SEO For Business – WordCamp Jinja 2022

WordCamp Jinja 2022 was my very first one ever. I was also privileged to be among the speakers at the event.

We learned about WordCamp Jinja a couple of months before the event. As a WordPress-based web agency with remote African teams, MRKWP decided to answer the event’s call for sponsorship and speakers.

I went for a talk about SEO for Business, and my colleague Julius prepared a presentation about Global opportunities in the WordPress space.

WordCamp Jinja was held in Jinja, a city in the eastern part of Uganda. Living and working in Kigali, Rwanda, meant I had to book a flight to Uganda and drive to the event some 60kms from Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

As part of WordCamp Jinja’s sponsors, it was only befitting to make some MRK WP branded products to give away at the event. 

We arranged for a car to drive there from Kampala, which was more convenient than other means. We set off around lunch hour and were in Jinja in just over an hour.

We checked in at the hotel I’d booked weeks earlier, which was also a minute’s walk to the Innovation village, where the main event was to be. We had an early dinner and retired early to have enough rest and get ready for the following day.


WordCamp Jinja was scheduled for two days across six different locations. 

We started with the location at Jinja town hall, where registrations were going on for attendees that were coming in.

Stands were set aside for sponsors, and we were quickly directed to ours. We had made a bunch of branded pens and tote bags to give away, and we set that up at our designated table.

MRKWP desk at WordCampJinja 2022
MRKWP desk at WordCampJinja 2022

Different speakers graced the day, including my colleague Julius, the MRKWP WordPress Administrator, who spoke about Global Opportunities in the WordPress space later in the day.

Day 2

The day kicked off with presentations about basic blogging for beginners, Designing a one-page website, and WordPress for E-learning.

We then broke off for a hearty breakfast, after which we resumed with the rest of the day’s speakers.

My Presentation

In my presentation, I spoke about SEO for Business.

The aim was to give a simplified explanation of what SEO is. Here is the outline of the discussion.

  1. Presentation Overview
  2. What is SEO?
  3. What makes the best page for SEO?
  4. What is good Content?
  5. What makes a fast page?
  6. How do I measure my results?
  7. How can social media help my SEO?
  8. Where to Start?

Here is a link to my presentation slides on SEO For Business. And this is a video link to part of my presentation.

Other Speakers

The event had a full lineup of speakers covering different subjects. Here is a link to the presentations of the event.

There was also a web design hackathon covering website setup and layout design. It was well attended by many high school students from different institutions.

One of the presentations that stood out for me was the call for contributions to the WordPress Open source project. In addition, highlighted the need to translate WordPress into the Luganda language.

My Takeaway

WordCamp Jinja was an opportunity for the MRKWP team to share their experience in the WordPress space. I embraced the different times I got to share my knowledge and experience with fellow attendees that approached me.

The zeal and broad participation in this WordPress-based event, from business professionals to young students, was very inspiring. It encouraged me to participate more and be a part of such events, even in Kigali, Rwanda, where I live.

WordCamp is undoubtedly an event that encourages community growth in the WordPress space. One that WordPress professionals and enthusiasts, and fans shouldn’t miss.

Looking forward to many more WordCamps!

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