Yoast Local Multiple Locations with Divi

How we Save 6+ Hours Designing Location Pages

Our go to WordPress plugin for local SEO and multiple locations management with Divi Builder.

We love Yoast Local SEO. Its one plugin which we have it on all our sites to manage multiple locations. It,

  • Allows you to manage customers multiple locations (stores, centers, offices). It is also fit for customers with a single location, and
  • Creates technical SEO markup for you for the locations. Stop paying those expensive Local SEO consultation fees, and
  • Allow you to create a local seo multiple locations child theme for locations. More of this later in this blog and how we save time …

Every day, people search for stores or businesses nearby. They want to find directions, opening hours and contact details.

Are you not on top of their search results? Then you’re losing customers to the competition in your area.

Stop worrying about how to get to that top position. Let the Local SEO plugin take care of it for you.

Source: https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/local-seo/

Managing Multiple Locations

Yoast Local supports multiple location. Enable multiple locations in your WordPress Admin.

Visit WordPress Admin > SEO > Local SEO. Enable the checkbox for Use multiple location in the General Settings tab. Also ensure that you enter your google maps api key in the API keys tab.

This option enables a new post type called Locations in the WordPress admin.

Yoast SEO Location Form

Each location has custom post meta information meta information about the location. For example fields for

  • General Business fields like name, phone number, website etc.
  • Address Fields which with the help of google maps api key finds the lat/long for the address.
  • Opening Hours Fields to set the locations opening hours.

Designing Locations Listing Page

We use the Divi builder on a WordPress page and use the [wpseo_storelocator]shortcode to display a map of locations.

Store locator shortcode

This shortcode displays Google Maps with stores/office locations pinned on them. This shows your locations in a location-aware context.

To know more, visit the Using the store locator documentation from Yoast.

You can click on each location to bring up a single page for each location.

Yoast Local Multiple Locations Short code Fixer Plugin

Creating individual pages on your website for each location is a great way to improve SEO. Yoast Local helps by making these pages inside it’s custom post type. Styling this page can be a challenge and really requires coding skills.

Wouldn’t it be great to use the Divi Builder on those pages? We thought so too. So we enabled it using our custom post builder tool and started using the relevant Yoast local shortcodes.

Yoast Local SEO provides the following shortcodes.

  • [wpseo_address] – Renders the address of the location.
  • [wpseo_map] – Renders the location pinned on google maps.
  • [wpseo_opening_hours] – Renders the opening hours for the location.

All these shortcodes also output structured data needed for SEO. Structured Data is essential for great Google Assistant Integration as well as the best SEO results. Yoast Local looks after all of this for us.

These shortcodes have a problem!!! They don’t work if the ID attribute representing the location ID is not set. That means you need to manually add adjustments to every location page. DOH. When you have lots of locations, that hurts and stops us using global layouts.

The Yoast Local Multiple Locations Shortcode Fixer Plugin, fixes this problem. It provides band-aid shortcodes by inserting post ID into the above shortcodes based on the page loaded.

The prefix df_ prepends the Yoast Local shortcodes to form the new shortcodes.

Following are the respective shortcodes.

  • [df_wpseo_address]
  • [df_wpseo_map]
  • [df_wpseo_opening_hours]

We use these along with the Custom Post Builder as demonstrated in the next section to save time….

Design Single Location Page Using Custom Post Builder Plugin

Custom Post Builder Used to design locations page with Yoast Local Multiple Locations Shortcode Fixer Plugin's shortcodes

The Custom Post Builder Plugin helps in designing a single’s page using the divi builder. The Custom Post Builder creates the singles template. It helps you to save time by using divi builder grid, modules and styles. Create professional looking locations page. You could choose not to use the Custom Post Builder and do the same thing, the hard way!

As a result, we design locations page using this and the shortcodes from the fixer plugin.

Consequently we save over 6 hours because of the above combination. We want you to achieve the same productivity benefits. Furthermore, provide quality solution to your end customer.

Location's single page designed using custom post builder

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think!!! It’s Free.

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